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DUI Attorney in Midland, Michigan

Don't Let a DUI Derail Your Life

Whether it is your first driving under the influence or your third, Attorney Ryan Slep can help you handle the prosecution. In some scenarios, our Attorney can get your charge knocked down to a lesser charge, saving you from losing your license. Our Attorney travels to counties all over Michigan to help people get through such a life-changing charge.

Beer glass and bottle next to a lobster dinnerWhen you hire our law firm for drinking and driving, you are taking the first step to help yourself get through a tough road ahead. The biggest thing our office does is really dig through each police report to see if there was a mistake made by the officer. Every single case is different in its own way, so we really try to make sure your outcome is the one you are looking for. We travel to the following Counties for OWI/DUI Charges:​

  • Midland County

  • Bay County

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