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Expungements Attorney in Midland, Michigan

The true definition of Expungement is the process of clearing your public criminal record. Just recently, the State of Michigan has changed the guidelines on what an individual can have expunged. At Slep Legal Group we are experienced at helping you figure out your eligibility for the Expungement also know as “setting aside a conviction”.

Do You Need to Clear Your Criminal Record?

The Process . . .

The process to have a conviction set aside has many steps. One step to this process is filling out an Application to Set Aside Convictions. When preparing said document for the Expungement process you will need to be very specific with what crimes you are looking to have expunged. With this document, you will need to have specific documents prepared within the county court the crime was held in. Once receiving the documents and preparing your application, you will need to receive fingerprints and have all the proper documents sent to the correct court. After you receive the court hearing and true copied documents, you will need to properly notify the Michigan State Police, the Michigan Attorney General and the Prosecuting Attorney’s office that charged the crime.

After a Criminal Record is Expunged . . .

The biggest question we receive at Slep Legal Group is once I have the crime expunged will it be visible to anyone? The answer is only when an individual is seeking a position within Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMS and certain government positions. Other than those agencies no one should be able to see a crime that has been expunged from someone’s criminal record.