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Defacing Political Signage

Oct. 21, 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for most of us. To end the year, we will have one of the most emotionally charged elections in American history. This brings to mind an interesting dynamic this year regarding criminal law. . . defacing of political signage. I have been privy to the fact that destroying, stealing, or "tagging up" political signage is on the rise. I have also been asked if a criminal charge exists to cover defacing signage. I can tell you that under MCL 750.383- Malicious Destruction of Property is one possible charge that could be leveled against a person participating in such activities. The statute specifically mentions "defacing inscriptions, buildings, or signboards".

As always, my advice to clients and potential clients is to follow the law, and please refrain from letting your emotions getting the better of you, especially in this political climate. However, if you are being investigated or accused of damaging political or any other property, please contact Slep Legal Group, PLC. We have successfully defended many individuals with similar charges. Also, please remember to enact your 5th Amendment right to remain silent when being interviewed by law enforcement. Remember, the time to explain your side of things is not with the police, it's with your trained attorney in a court of law. #justicerequiresit #criminaldefense #criminallaw #5thAmendment