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Did You Know Operating While Intoxicated Under Marijuana Is a Crime in Michigan?

May 1, 2020

Shep Legal Group, PLC graphic under a roman art carvingAs everyone knows, marijuana laws have changed greatly in the State of Michigan in the last few years. Prior to the change, possession of marijuana was a common charge, police were trained in the detection of marijuana in cars, homes, and properties.

Now that the possession of marijuana is legal, many Michigan residents have asked me how law enforcement has been reacting to these new changes in terms of policy.

What I can tell you today is even though possession of marijuana cases has virtually disappeared, Operating While Intoxicated cases (OWI) involving Marijuana has dramatically risen.

If you are a marijuana user, please remember to use responsibly. It is still a crime to get high and drive under the influence. So the best course of action would be to stay home or stay where you are and not operate a motor vehicle while using marijuana.

Police are now looking for OWI cases involving Marijuana and pay attention to this version of the crime more now than they ever did. Make sure while driving, if you were to be pulled over you would not be giving the police probable cause to search your vehicle. This means make sure your vehicle does not smell like marijuana, make sure you don’t smell like marijuana, and don’t keep marijuana in your motor vehicle.

But if you do find yourself in a situation speaking to police , please remember that you have your fifth amendment right to remain silent and please use those rights. This would help your attorney in your defense, when and if the time comes. Also, it is important to remember that the time to argue is not on the side of the road with the police officer, the time to argue is in court with an attorney who is competent, experienced, and understands these types of cases inside and out.

Please remember to call Slep Legal Group, if you believe you’re in a situation such as this. We are here to defend you and you’re rights, and specialize in all Operating While Intoxicated type cases.